seasoned land, harbour and city scenes with no attempt to romanticize the content.

Respected by collectors and artists alike for the integrity of her work, she is known as a "Painter of Light", favourite subject of the impressionist painters. The remote diffuse winter light shed upon the steep streets and serried facades of the Bo-kaap terrace houses, mist veiling and revealing details of the scene in an ambient luminosity. The sea, reflecting the hulls of the boats in mobile motes of light. The midday heat draining the colour from the minarets, etching the palms across cloudless blue skies. The reflected light of a cloudy day saturates the landscape in rich tones of colour.

The 19th Century impressionists sought to reveal their world with a logical objectivity based on the direct observation of he subject, sketching and painting 'en plein air'. Squibb completes preliminary sketches and photographs the chosen subject noting the mood colour and compositional details. The final work is completed in the studio. This often imbues her land, sea and cityscapes with a sense of nostalgia or 'déjà vu' as the viewer revisits the site at a significant time.

Paintings by SQUIBB, RUTH

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